Yve – Week Six

Last week Yve talked about how excited she has been to take care of her plants, and that she is not looking forward to commute back to school when she has to teach in the classroom again. This week she tells how she feels about having to stay at home for such a long time. If you want to know more about Yve, click here to read her bio.

This week Yve also kept a photo diary. Click here to take a look.

Press the play button to find out how Yve has been able to help her dad with his flower farm.

Current situation in Australia 29-05-2020

The virus still seems to be under control in Australia. During the last week there have been 78 new cases and 2 deaths. One the people who passed away was a thirty-year-old man from Queensland. He is the youngest person to have died because of COVID-19 in Australia. He already had health issues, but it is not yet known how he got infected, since he had not left his hometown since February.

There have been seven deaths in Queensland related to corona. Because it is unsure how the 30-year-old man got infected, experts advise to do mass testing to get more information on how the virus is spreading in this area.

Since the start of this project on the 29th of April, there have been fourteen deaths. Take a look at the graph below to see how the death number has slowly risen over the last month.

Students asked to leave university
A group of 24 students have been asked to leave Trinity College, a residential college from Melbourne University, after they did not comply with the physical-distance rules. Student who stayed at this college were not able to leave between March 25 and May 13, unless there was a medical necessity.

Since Victoria relaxed its measures, more students were accepted to come back to Trinity College. During an unauthorized gathering some students did not follow the new rules to prevent the spread of the virus. They were asked to leave and they can come back for the second semester.

Keep working from home
The premier of Victoria urged people who have been working from home to keep doing this till at least July. By doing so, the local government hopes to keep office workers from using public transport.

On the 1st of June there will be more relaxation of the measures in Victoria, restaurants, cafes, museums and galleries all can reopen. People will also be allowed to gather in groups of twenty inside their house or outside. Zoos, pools and cinemas are expected to reopen later in June.

Public transport in Adelaide
Commuters in Adelaide complained about packed trains on social media. That’s why the South Australian Government decided to remove 670 seats from the trains in Adelaide. By doing so social distancing will be easier for passengers. Bus drivers will also be protected by a Perspex screen.

Cedar Meats in full operations again
After more than a hundred cases of COVID-19 traced back to Cedar Meats, the factory is now in full operations again.

On the 29th of April there were 6.746 cases of COVID-19 in Australia. Now, a month later, there are 7.173 cases.

Want to know how many people got tested in Australia, and how the country tries to keep the virus in control? This article gives a ‘snapshot of Australia’s coronavirus fight’. 

Six crewmembers of the Al Kuwait livestock carrier ship are infected with COVID-19. A dozen of people are now staying in quarantine in hotels in Perth. You can read this article for more information

Have you been keeping track on the latest news in Australia? Find out how much you know by doing this news quiz.

There have also been concerns over two rare cases. Two patients that recently tested positive for COVID-19, are more likely to have gotten infected months ago. For more information you can read this.

Can you imagine being in lockdown with seventy spiders in your house? Watch this video to find out how this happened.

Do you like working for home? Read this article for tips on how to convince your boss to let you work from your home office.

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