Yve – Week Three

Yve is feeling a lot better this week. The weather was nice so she went to a forrest. She was glad to get some exercise, because she has noticed how much sitting down all day is impacting her physically. If you want to know more about Yve, click here to read her bio.

Press the play button to find out how going to the forrest helped Yve and what has been changing in Australia.

Current situation in Australia 08-05-2020

The National Cabinet came together on Friday the 8th of May to discuss an ease of the restrictions. The government decided to ease the measures in three steps which will be completed by July. Every three weeks the National Cabinet will discuss the progress of each step. During this review they will look at the impact of the relaxation on the numbers of infections.  States can decide when the ease of the measures will come into effect. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “Today, National Cabinet agreed a three-step plan and a national framework to achieve a COVID-safe economy and society.” He later added: “In this plan, we walk before we run”.

Step one
The first step is to reopen shops, restaurants and coffeeshops. People can travel within their region and gather outside in groups of maximum ten people. At home people can have five visitors at a time. Community centers, playgrounds and libraries will also reopen their doors.

Step two
During this phase groups of twenty people are allowed again in places such as cinemas, gyms and beauty salons. Interstate travel will also be allowed in some cases.

Step three
People will go back to their offices and workplaces in the last phase. Pubs will reopen and gatherings of a hundred people will be permitted again.

Difference between states
There is a lot of difference between the measures per state. In the Northern Territory there are already plans to open pubs and clubs in the coming weeks. In Western Australia people, inside or outside, can now gather in groups of ten people. Canberra will reopen schools on May 18, and Queensland has eased restrictions on gatherings and movement.

In Victoria (where Yve lives) it will take a bit longer before things will change, because they are still trying to contain outbreaks of the virus. After the nursing home there has also been an outbreak in the factory Cedar Meats.

Corona slang language
Australians are known for their slang in which they abbreviate a lot of words. The aussie slang vocabulary is now being expanded by words like ‘iso’, ‘quazzie’, ‘sanny’, ‘the rona’ and ‘the pando’. This last one means the pandemic. Experts say that this new slang is creating a shared understanding which brings people closer together.  Want to hear this COVID-19 slang? Watch this video. Or read this article for more information.

There are some issues with the COVIDSafe App, it might not work accordingly on older iPhones. The app has been downloaded by approximately 5 million people. Read this article ff you want to know more about these malfunctions. If you would like to know more about the app, you can read last weeks article.

If you would like to know more about the 3-step plan and a specific state or territory, check this link, or this one.

Yve talks about a ‘travel bubble’ between Australia and New Zealand. Read this for more information.

At the end Yve explains how the growth number is above one. If you would like to know more about this you can read this article.

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