Isha – Week Two

This week there is no voice memo of Isha. Things took a turn for the worse in Seoul (read the article below) and she has been too caught up in current affairs. If you want to know more about Isha, click here to read her bio.

Current situation South Korea 08-05-2020

The first local case of COVID-19 in four days was announced on Thursday the 7th of May. However, for the last twenty days the number of cases has stayed below twenty per day. That is why since Wednesday the 6th there has been an ease of the restrictions into the so-called ‘routine distancing’.

Next week schools will open their doors again, and people can go back to their daily routines when they follow some simple guidelines. Jeon Eun-kyeong, Director-General of the (KCDC), said: “We ask all people to actively participate in the so-called everyday life quarantine that is aimed at coexisting both quarantine and everyday life”. With minimal steps the government wants the country to go back to normal life while still preventing the spread of the virus.

The difference between the numbers from the 8th of March compared to eight days ago.

Gyms, museums and libraries reopen
Libraries, museums and campgrounds are opening again. People can exercise in gyms, but they should bring their own workout towels. They are also advised to shower at home instead of the gym. The last few weeks people visiting gyms had to get their temperature checked, and had to wear a facemask during their workout. This is no longer necessary. Sport competitions will resume without visitors.

When people go to restaurants or coffeeshops they are advised to not stay too long. Movie theaters and concert halls have to block out some seat so people cannot sit close to each other. The audience is also advised to wear a facemask. Churches are recommended to not let people sing together because this is an easy way for the virus to spread via droplets.

New infections after infected person went clubbing
On Friday the 8th of May there was some bad news. After only two days of the new relaxed measures there was a new cluster infection. Fifteen new cases of COVID-19 have been reported to be linked to a patient that went clubbing in Itaewon, a neighborhood in Seoul. It is estimated that this person has been in contact with approximately 1500 people while going clubbing in three different places in the night of the 2nd of May. After going clubbing the patient got sick and he tested positive for the virus on the 6th of May.

This all happened four days before the relaxation of the restrictions.  Nightclubs and bars in South Korea got an administrative order to not open their facilities starting from Friday evening the 8th of May. Before this clubs were open, but they took measures such as checking the temperate of guests.

Curious about the clubbing scene in Itaewon? Watch this video.

Watch this video to get a view of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art that just opened her doors again.

Want to know more about routine distancing? Read this article.

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