Ananya – Week Two

This week Ananya is feeling a lot better, she decided to cut herself some slack and to be okay with not being productive. If you want to know more about Ananya, click here to read her bio.

Press the play button to listen to how she was able to change her mindset and which new talent she discovered.

Current situation in India 03-05-2020

The 3rd of May was the day the lockdown might be over. Like Ananya said this is not the case, and the lockdown has been extended by two more weeks. However, there are some relaxations of the restrictions. The country is divided intro different zones. The red, orange, green or a so-called containment zones. Green zones are the safest, in these areas there have been no cases of COVID-19 for the last two weeks. Currently there are 319 of these green zones. Then there are 130 red zones, in these ‘hotspot’ districts there is a high number of active cases. The remaining 284 areas are orange. This means that they don’t fall into the green nor red category. Containment zones are smaller areas (approximately 30-50 houses) within a red zone that has more severe measures, such as house to house surveillance. What people are allowed depends on the zone they live in. But in general there is still a lockdown and not so much has changes yet.

Not allowed in any zone:
– Travelling by air, rail or metro
– Interstate movement by car
– Large public or religious gatherings
– Malls or markets
– All non-essential activities strictly prohibited between 7pm till 7 am
– Schools and restaurants are still closed

Allowed in every zone:
– Movement of by car for permitted activities
– Stand-alone shops can open again in urban areas
– All shops can open again in rural areas

There has been a big increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the last week

Transport migrant workers
Good news for people in green and orange zones. Liquor shops will reopen because of the relaxation. Also more good news for stranded migrant workers, students and tourists. After they have been checked for symptoms, they can finally take a bus back home. This is unfortunate for farmers, since they are struggling with labour shortage because of the pandemic.

The lockdown was extended because the number of cases and the death toll have both risen a lot. When looked at the data it is not visible that there has been a lockdown, unlike Italy for example. Nevertheless, the outbreak is still not as big as some people worried it would be. The hospitals have still been able to manage the situation. However the big rise of cases is worrisome for hospitals in some places such as Chennai. To show gratitude, the Indian Air Force dispersed flowers from air across the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Sunday the 3rd.

In the video Ananya talks about lathi beatings the police gave to people who disregarded the lockdown. If you are curious you can watch this video (warning: you will see violent images).

Want to see the divisions of the zones in India? Click here to see the map. Ananya is staying in a green zone.

The number of cases has been relatively low in India, although the last week there has been a big increase. There are lots of speculations what could be the reason behind the low number of cases. For more information you can watch this video.

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