Ananya – Week Six

Last week Ananya told us about the new habits she picked up during the lockdown. This week she is startin to feel a bit overwhelmed and she worries about the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases. If you want to know more about Ananya, click here to read her bio.

Press the play button to listen to what Ananya thinks of the ease of the restrictions.

The last week Ananya has been reading most of the day.

Current situation in India 01-06-2020

Over the last few weeks, the number of cases has been increasing rapidly in India. This is a trend that continued this week as well. There have been 45.874 new cases of COVID-19 and 1.235 deaths since last week. India is now the seventh most effected country in the world.

There has been in lockdown since March 24, and there is now a lockdown 5.0 in thirteen Indian cities. Seventy percent of the total corona cases have been recorded in these cities. In other cities there will be what is called ‘unlcock 1.0’, which means more relaxation of the measures.

From the 8th of June places of worship, malls and restaurants can reopen as long as they are not located in containment zones. Bars, cinema’s, and gyms have to stay closed and there are still no international flights.

At the start of this project there were 26.496 cases of COVID-19. Initially it rose quite slowly in India, but over the last few weeks it has quickly increased. The current number of corona cases is now 191.460.

Since the ease of measures there has been a system of green, orange, and red zones. This will no longer be in use, except for the containment zones. However, states can identify buffer zones and impose restrictions. In July the government will make a decision about reopening schools and other education institutions.

No food and water on shramik trains
Last week the government promised to make sure migrant workers would reach their home in the next ten days by shramik trains. However, the government still didn’t manage to take care of these people, who for weeks now have been trying to reach their homes. This week a video went viral of a toddler trying to wake up her dead mother, who died just after she got off a shramik train.

The journeys these workers take can last multiple days by train, and most of them have been on the go for more than two months with little to eat. Authorities fail to provide adequate water and food for the passengers. People are unable to buy anything themselves because the shops at the stations are all closed.

Causes of death for migrant labourers
Till the 1st of June 46 people have died from exhaustion, and 132 from starvation and financial distress. Another 209 migrant workers have died in road accidents. So far more than eighty people have died on a shramik train.

On the 26th of April 825 people had died because of corona, on the 1st of June this number has risen to 5.410.

Supreme Court: free transport and food for migrant workers
On May 26 the Supreme Court said there have been “inadequacies and certain lapses” in dealing with the migrant workers crisis by the Central and State government. The Supreme Court has ordered both the central government and the states to provide immediate free transport, food and shelter for stranded migrant workers.

Jyoti cycled 1200 km to her home
Another video making headlines this week is of a girl who cycled 1.200 kilometers from Delhi to Bihar, while also carrying her injured dad on the back of the bicycle. Jyoti Kumari is fifteen years old and she cycled for a week. Watch this video if you would like to know how their journey went.

You can watch this video if you would like to know how a shramik train looks like.

If you would like to know more about migrant workers, you can take a look at this photo essay. If you are interested in women migrant labourers, read this article.

Are you having troubles to stay focused when you’re reading? Take a look at these tips.

Last week domestic flights were resumed again. Watch this video if you want to know what it’s like to board a plane in India.

Schools are a critical part in providing sanitary pads to girls. But now that schools have been closed for more than two months problems arise. Not everyone has money to buy pads. Read this article for more information.

Want to know what the latest data is showing about COVID-19 in India? Read this article.

A year ago Narendra Modi got voted as prime minister again. Curious how the government ‘Modi 2.0’ is doing? Look at these fourteen defining photo’s with explanation.

Ananya talks about a locust attack in Rajasthan. Read this article for more information.

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