Corona Journals – Who is Who?

Every week you can listen to how women from different countries are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Ananya, Isha, Kranti and Yve will tell us about their week and how the pandemic influences their daily lives.


18 year old student from India

Ananya is a college student in South India. She was staying as a paying guest in a room two and a half hours from her family home. Due to the lockdown she went back home where she lives with her two grandparents in Brahmavar. “The corona virus has been affecting almost every aspect of my life now, which makes it very disorienting due to the uncertainty. I’ve been indoors for more than a month now.

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31 years old and works in South Korea

Isha is working for Samsung in Seoul for almost two years now. She lives alone in an apartment. Before she went to South Korea she studied and worked in countries all over the world. Seoul got cases of the virus quite long ago, but never had a lockdown. A lot of people work from their home, but Isha still has to go to her office everyday while wearing a facemask.

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29 year old teacher from Australia

Yve just got back in Australia after two years of living and travelling in Europe. She currently stays in a bungalow in her mum’s backyard. This was supposed to be temporary, but now she will probably live there a bit longer due to the current circumstances of the pandemic.  She works as a secondary school teacher, which she now has to do completely online. “I feel like I have survivor’s guilt – I’m enjoying the stability of home life and the extra time I have for my hobbies”.

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34 year old PhD researcher in Belgium

Kranti lives with three Spanish roommates in a shared house. Her worklife has not changed that much since the lockdown. Instead of working individually at the office, she is now working individually from home. Because of the lockdown she does not have to commute to work, which she is happy about. Kranti is an indoors person so she doesn’t think that having to stay inside has impacted her mentally.

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