Kranti – Week Three

Things are changing in Belgium and Kranti is a bit nervous about it. The last week she has also discovered something positive that has happened the last few months. If you want to know more about Kranti, click here to read her bio.

Press the play button to find out what worries Kranti and which dilemma she is facing (note: the audio quality is not so good at the start, but it will improve).

Current situation in Belgium 10-05-2020

Today on the 10th, Mother’s Day, there is more relaxation of the measures. People in Belgium are now allowed to invite four people over at their house. The government is speaking of what they call ‘house bubbles’. Each of these bubbles can invite four people in their house, not all at one, but each at a different time.

These four people have to remain the same people. If someone of your household visits someone, this visit counts for everyone in the household. Even if the visit was only done by one member of the household. This means that families have to choose wisely, between their own friends and family and their children’s friends.

Besides that, people can meet two people outside to go for a walk or exercise. The idea behind these ‘house bubbles’ is that these bubbles do not come in touch with other bubbles. If people decide to meet more than the four chosen people, than there will be so many ‘bubbles’ which could increase the spread of COVID-19. During the visits there are still some rules, like keeping 1.5 meter distance, and it is preferred to sit outside in a garden than inside the house.

The cases of COVID-19 in Belgium for the last three weeks.

Stores reopen
On the 11th of May the shops will open their doors again, but they have to take some precautions. People can only stay in a shop for thirty minutes, and only one customer is allowed per 10 square meters. Everyone over eighteen years old should go to a store alone, and people should go to shops close to where they live. No one is obliged to wear a facemask when shopping, but it is recommended. Some shopping streets have taken special measures, such as the Meir in Antwerp, where people will have to walk on the right side of the street.

Contact tracers
The last big change is that there will be 2.000 special ‘contact tracers’ to find out with whom infected patients have been in contact. When someone is sick, they have to tell this person who they have seen the last two days. People who have met a infected person will get a call, in some cases those people should then stay at home for two weeks.

After all of these measures the schools will open again on the 18th of May. On the 15th there will be a test day for schools, so they can check how well the measures, max ten children per classroom, work before they will open.

Belgium will also increase its testing capacity with 25.000 tests per day.

If you want to know more about the house bubbles, you can read this article.

You can read this article for extra information on the relaxation of the measures in Belgium.

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