Bonus: Photo diary of Yve

Yve has been keeping a photo diary of the last week of this project. Every day she made a picture with a short message. Look at the photos to find out more about Yve and how her week has been. Click here to read more about Yve, and here to listen to her corona journal of the last six weeks.

Day one – Wednesday May 27

“It was a good sunset tonight.”

Day Two – Thursday May 28

“I’ve been avoiding writing reports and instead I spent a lot of time these past two weeks editing a stunt reel of my drama students, who have filmed themselves performing stunts at home. Way more fun than the work I should be doing.”

Day Three – Friday May 29

“Henry, my part-time colleague in my temporary ‘office’. I teach from my bed, but I tried to jazz it up so that on screen it looks like I’m on a couch or in an arty part of the house.”

Day Four – Saturday May 30

“This is the book I’m currently reading”

Day Five – Sunday May 31

“This is a banksia tree – a native to Australia. It’s Reconciliation week in Australia. It’s a week dedicated to strengthening the connection with the First Nations people. I’ve been following a thing on Instagram for it, and today’s activity is to take a mindful walk ‘on country’ (I live on Wurundjeri land). For me, that meant noticing and appreciating the native birds and plants I saw. While also noticing how natural habitat has been replaced with roads, houses and gardens, noises and things that white people have introduced. The mistreatment of Aboriginals has been emphasised by the black rights movement in the US this week, as a lot of people are talking about that but aren’t aware of our own racial issues. Did you know there is a higher incarceration rate of aboriginals in Australia than black people in America?”

Day Six – Monday June 1

“Trying to motivate myself to do real work when social media is so much more interesting right now…

Day Seven – Tuesday June 2

“When isolation began I started teaching myself how to weave baskets using lomandra from the garden. I haven’t kept it up, but I plan to when I get on top of my work because my plant collection also grew…”

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